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What is a Balance Sheet?

27 August 2013

For any business owner there are a number of financial factors you will need to have a solid understanding of. When aiming to maintain a healthy monetary profile, nothing is quite as important as knowing just what a balance sheet is. The business balance sheet otherwise known as the statement of balance is...

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Keeping Your Business Finances Healthy

21 August 2013

Whatever size your business and whatever industry keeping a record of every financial movement made is the single most important thing you can do. A healthy financial state and a complete record of all expenses, income and claims are essential and a legal requirement when filing a tax return . For start up...

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The Areas of Business Finance

15 August 2013

Business finance is a complex subject that often, years of understanding and a degree can only help with. Here at Calculated Accountants we believe in helping our customers stay on the ball. Whether you require in-depth knowledge for an upcoming project or are just curious, knowing just what is available can make a...

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Three Points for Every Start up Business

12 August 2013

Starting up a business? At Calculated Accountants we have helped a number of entrepreneurs make their business dreams a reality. However, setting up a business and ensuring it begins and continues to remain a success is extremely difficult. The Essential Points Our team of experts aim to help as many start...

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The Small Business Checklist

07 August 2013

Whether you are after a team of two, three or four; starting up a business takes a lot of work. No matter what your industry, the methodology of setting up an enterprise remains the same and at Calculated Accountants we know just how difficult this can be. We want nothing more than to make life easier for our...

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