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The Best Business Tips: Tried and Tested

03 March 2014

From Richard Branson to the long running small business owner; every city and every nation has a barrage of experienced professionals who have their top tips and advice on achieving lasting entrepreneurial success. However, with so many business owners telling you what works, what doesn’t and what you should...

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Protecting Your Business

24 February 2014

For anyone in business, the past few years have no doubt been full of worry but as the use of the term “recession” slowly decreases and the economy begins to regain strength; entrepreneurs are now feeling more confident than ever. However despite this new comfort, businesses of all industries and all...

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Improving The Chances Of Sales Success

17 February 2014

Whatever your business and whatever the size, there is no doubt that as owners you will have many similar goals in mind; the primary goal being to gain as many sales as possible in order to drive those chances of success. From start ups to small businesses of all industries; selling products is the key which is why;...

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The Best Business Blogs: Keeping Yourself In The Loop

10 February 2014

At Calculated Accountants we pride ourselves on providing local businesses with the vital support they need whether they are a start up or simply looking to grow. Having the right insights, the latest news and information is essential for any business looking to grow which is why our own blog and many others out...

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Hallmark Holidays And Your Business

03 February 2014

February is finally here, the month of love in which many of us are perpetually happy and full of romance. Whether you are a believer in cupid’s arrow or find yourself getting all too easily frustrated over this hallmark holiday either way, why not help your business make the most of the season of love? Here...

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Embracing A New Business Attitude

27 January 2014

Whether a start up or small business; in order to ensure that long term success is possible, it is crucial that goals are outlined and focus remains clear. It is also just as important to ensure that you rigorously monitor your finances and have sufficient control over incomings and outgoings. For business owners,...

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The January Check list: Start As You Mean to Go on.

20 January 2014

At Calculated Accountants we pride ourselves on our quality service and always ensure that whatever our client’s needs may be, we start as we mean to go on. Whether bookkeeping, payroll services or yearly tax support; when it comes to business finance, the way you begin may dictate the way things pan out for...

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Business Funding: Bouncing Back From Rejection

13 January 2014

Whether you are looking to grow your business or save it from a difficult patch, at one point or another, you may find yourself in need of financial aid. As the economy is beginning to improve, banks are now increasing their lending however, for the small business owner rejection is still not unusual . It is...

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Bouncing Back After A Weak Holiday Period

06 January 2014

News outlets everywhere are reporting that high street stores witnessed underwhelming sales over the holiday period as the online market dominated and the larger retailers maximised on its potential. For the small businesses and start up businesses; the December boom may not have been quite as big as expected ...

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Top Tips: Reaching Business Success in the New Year

30 December 2013

With 2014 not far away, business owners will soon be looking to reopen their offices in hope for a successful year ahead. Over the past few weeks, the team at Calculated Accountants have provided some useful tips for business owners on preparing for the holiday season and have also included some vital pre-planning...

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