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The Best Business Blogs: Keeping Yourself In The Loop

At Calculated Accountants we pride ourselves on providing local businesses with the vital support they need whether they are a start up or simply looking to grow. Having the right insights, the latest news and information is essential for any business looking to grow which is why our own blog and many others out there should be on your daily reading lists!

From business ideas, revelations, news and growth insights; the internet is packed full of resources that can be priceless to even the smallest business owner. However with hundreds of blogs on offer, we understand that it can be overwhelming to try and find the perfect source for your business.

Our team have browsed through everything that is on offer to find what they think are the best of the best in business, news and marketing sources on the internet that can hopefully provide you with the vital information you will need to grow...

  • Small Business Trends is an incredible website that covers all aspects of business start up and growth. From advice, tips and resources on business management, employee growth and finance as well as various problem solving solutions. Make this a must have read to provide you with a constant flow of valuable needed information.
  • Forbes Entrepreneurs can only be described as the leading source of information for business owners across the world. From the latest news, information, insider advice and knowledge; Forbes is a must have for your reading list.
  •  LinkedIn is a brilliant networking tool and if you’re in business then you should be on it and engaging with your peers it is as simple as that. What’s great about this network is that, based on your profile and connections you are provided with LinkedIn Today which has only the latest and most relevant industry news and information.
  • Marketing is important for any business, particularly within today’s competitive business world which is why it is important to keep up to date with the latest information to ensure you are doing as much as possible. Chris Brogan’s blog is a fantastic source of the latest business insights and information aimed directly at business owners- it is the perfect way to keep in the loop and ensure that you are always up to date on the constant changes your business may face.

We know how important it is to have access to the latest news and information to ensure you are always in the know-how.

The official Calculated Accountants blog is regularly updated to provide you with the most valuable advice but be sure you are broadening your horizons and gaining as much information and knowledge about all areas of your business. You’d be surprised as to just how much you can learn!


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