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Hallmark Holidays And Your Business

February is finally here, the month of love in which many of us are perpetually happy and full of romance. Whether you are a believer in cupid’s arrow or find yourself getting all too easily frustrated over this hallmark holiday either way, why not help your business make the most of the season of love?

Here at Calculated Accountants, we have helped businesses of all industries and all sizes make the right decisions which, is why today we want to help your business make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that your business does not have to be directly related to make the most of any seasonal event? Undoubtedly chocolate makers and florists will see a great boom over the coming weeks but whatever your business; the season of love could also work in your favour.

Below are a few of the top tips that have been proven by marketing experts to have helped businesses off all industries to make the most of one of the most popular holidays of the year...

  • Promotions- Special offers and promotions are a fantastic way to engage the interest of the customer and clinch that sale so why not create one or a few Valentine’s Day related offers? As mentioned, your business does not need to be directly related to the holiday in order to make the most of it so whether you are selling legal services or electrical goods, a special Valentine’s Day discount is a fantastic way to encourage sales.
  • Show Love- Valentine’s Day should never be restricted to those in a relationship; it is simply a holiday expressing love so why not express your love for your customers? Whether on your website, through a blog or an email newsletter; show your customers you care and appreciate them because without their loyalty, your business would not be the same. This is a great attitude to tie in with the above promotions- show your love and give a little something back.
  • Get in the Spirit- You know what customers love more than anything? A company that engages in the here and now, a company that isn’t always focused on sales pitches and industry news but the real world. Why not show you are one of these companies by getting in the spirit on your social media sites? Get on Facebook and talk to your customers and show that you are a real company, with real people and not just a cold hearted firm with no interest in every day goings on. A relaxed attitude like this is a fantastic way to improve your brand image.

Seasonal events can be a great way to boost sales and increase customer engagement so with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is a great time to start expressing your love.

As a business, managing your everyday tasks and ensuring you are making the money and taking care of those finances is vital but sometimes, looking ahead and determining how your business can utilise seasonal events is too important to ignore!

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