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Improving The Chances Of Sales Success

Whatever your business and whatever the size, there is no doubt that as owners you will have many similar goals in mind; the primary goal being to gain as many sales as possible in order to drive those chances of success. From start ups to small businesses of all industries; selling products is the key which is why; via print, websites, social media and any other medium available we market ourselves to ensure that we can reach as many potential customers as possible.

Getting sales requires a great deal of constant effort and in today’s competitive market; is no easy task. With business after business vying to clinch that sale; how can you be sure you are doing everything possible to keep your company thriving?

At Calculated Accountants we have worked with small and start up businesses of all kinds and provided the right advice that can help any business improve its potential. Below are the top tips which, as agreed by many specialists; are ideal in improving the chances of getting those sales...

  • Know your Customer- Knowing everything about your customer is important when determining whether or not your products and services are being pitched and marketed effectively. Why would the customer want your product/service? What is your key demographic? When and how often would they buy your products and more importantly; why would they buy from you? The more clarity you have, the better chance you have of standing out of the crowd.
  • After Sales Process- Getting one sale is fantastic but are you doing enough to build a lasting relationship and encourage your customers to return? Ensure that you are making the effort to maintain a good level of communication. From a personalised confirmation of order to a reassuring despatch email and perhaps even a tracking code; by sticking with your customers every step of the way, you are reaffirming a solid relationship and proving that you care. You can also go one step further by sending a follow up email a week later that could potentially encourage a review. The more you express your gratitude in the after sales process; the more chance your business has of achieving lasting success.
  • Reward- A loyal customer is fantastic for any business but holding on to them and making sure they stay is no easy task. Reward loyalty with discounts and special offers in order to give them the incentive they need to return.
  • Sell It- Nothing works more effectively then a product that is screaming to be purchased; are yours shouting loud enough? From the benefits of the product to the successes it has achieved and even the positive reviews; your product description can clinch the sale so make it all singing and all dancing in order to give your business a fighting chance.

The market is at its most competitive which is why, whether you are a start up business or a long running small business; you must ensure that you are doing everything in your power to get those sales.

For every customer there are no doubt several businesses vying for their attention; so be sure to do everything in your power to give yourself a fighting chance. 

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