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Reducing Office Expenditure: Better Finance Management

At Calculated Accountants we have witnessed many small and start up businesses suffer similar, common problems- one of the most prominent being unnecessary office expenditure. As accountants; bookkeeping, tax accounts and VAT returns are our everyday tasks however, our ultimate goal is to ensure that businesses save money and one of the prime ways through which we achieve this is by helping companies better manage their office expenditure.

Despite being a standard cost, office expenditure is also one of the most neglected with many business owners spending far more than they need to or even realise. However, the incessant charges can soon add up and cause problems to cash flow and overall budgets.

We are proud to have helped countless businesses better manage their office expenditure and with our top tips below we can not only continue our success as a leading accountant, but help improve your chances of success too!

Have a read through our below tips and see if your business could be making major savings...

  • Check Your Suppliers- From computers to office chairs; are you really getting the best deals possible? A lot of businesses fail to shop around or renegotiate their prices as a result of the long standing relationships they have with their suppliers but many could actually make significant savings if they simply took the time to search for other offers. Shop around and never be afraid to negotiate.
  • Be Green- Electricity bills can often shoot up for offices with several employees so make the effort to minimise your annual fees. Ensure all employees switch off their computers every night instead of leaving them on standby and keep in mind that all other equipment i.e. printers, kitchen equipment (microwave etc.) are also switched off every evening to significantly lower your bill.
  • Office Supplies- Believe it or not it is quite easy to waste large sums of money on constantly ordering in office supplies. Understandably pens, papers and so on are vital tools your staff will need but it is easy to begin over ordering and eventually overspending. Record and monitor your supply orders carefully to make vital savings.
  • Printer Ink- One of the most unsurprising yet extremely costly charges arises from printer ink. With many businesses often printing hundreds of documents a day, at almost £40 per cartridge, the expenditure can soon add up. Many companies offer ink cartridge refills, that are not only environmentally friendly but significantly cheaper so why not take this into consideration in order to make a massive saving?
  • Phones- The cost of line rental, messaging services and additional lines for multiple staff members can be quite a large annual charge so consider your needs. Internet phone lines can often prove as effective, without the massive fees so if possible perhaps you should consider making the switch.

The above are a few of the standard points we as a team look for when helping businesses better manage their costs. Keep an eye out for these points or discuss them with an accountant because you will be surprised as to just how many savings you could make!




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