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Top 7 Tips: Effective Employee Management

Whether you are a small business or a new start up; there are many things that will play a part in your success but none more so then the part played by your employees. Your employees can be your biggest investment but if they are not looked after and managed correctly, they could just as easily end up costing your business even more.

The economy is still trapped in murky waters which is why it is important that businesses do everything in their power to ensure that they run a smooth operation. While your accountant takes care of your finances and ensures that your bookkeeping is kept up to date and cash flow is sufficiently managed; it is up to you to ensure that your employees are also working as smoothly.

Whether you are a retailer selling products or a specialist firm offering services; well managed employees will ensure that your business operates effectively and in return stays firmly on the path to success.

Top 7 Tips

Below are our top employee management tips that are sure to keep your ship sailing...

  • Build Relationships- For any great working environment, solid relationships are a must. Managers and directors should work on building relationships not only as a team but individually; as trust, respect and care is essential to efficiency.
  • Clear Communication- No one appreciates being dictated to and employees are far less likely to take on any tasks in this way. Learn to communicate with your employees and create clear and comfortable barriers in order to not only ensure that all tasks are fulfilled but your employees feel as though they can approach you should they have any worries.
  • Set an Example- If you wish to manage a successful team, one that helps reach targets and keep the business running then you need to ensure that you are setting an example for everyone else. Taking a laid back approach, coming in late, talking on your phone and generally not doing any work is never going to encourage your team.
  • Pick out Bad Seeds- There is nothing more deflating than hiring someone you think is perfect for a role only to be proven completely wrong. Unfortunately hiring someone who turns out to be a distraction, a poor worker and a bad influence can happen and although it is not your fault, don’t attempt to fall in deeper by giving them numerous chances to turn it around. In order to maintain a well oiled machine you need be able to pick out the bad seeds right away, no matter how difficult it is.
  • Admit Your Mistakes- Mistakes happen in the workplace, it is only human but if you have made one then never blame an employee. Always take full responsibility of any errors, no matter how it makes you look, as this will ensure you maintain that much needed level of respect.  
  • Don’t Let it Slide- Whether you have a small group of employees or large, it is only natural for people to clash, argue and rarely see eye to eye but as a manager it is your duty to nip this in the bud as soon as possible. Any underlying issues can affect morale so be sure to confront what you see.
  • Rewards- Getting up and coming to work every day is no easy task, getting up and coming to work every day and doing a fantastic job is even more difficult so if your employees are doing this then why not reward them for their hard work? Nothing boosts spirits more than being rewarded by the boss and it can be a fantastic way to encourage staff to continue to work even harder.

A well managed work place is essential for the success of any business, no matter how big or small and hopefully our above tips can help you get started on ensuring everything in your office runs like a well oiled ship. Efficiency is the key to business and ensuring everything is well managed can be the difference between success and failure.

 Is your business managed as well as it could be?

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