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Top Business Tips For 2014

It is officially December and with at most, only three working weeks left until the holidays arrive and offices shut for the year, business owners will now begin thinking of the year ahead. With 2014 now around the corner, planning for a successful start can make all the difference.

As small and start up business owners, whatever your industry; the challenges you face are constant as you thrive to compete against larger firms and ensure your business continues to grow. Whether 2013 has been a successful year, an adequate year or a year that could have been better; by looking ahead you can ensure that when business commences in 2014 you are as prepared as possible.

At Calculated Accountants we have helped countless small businesses and start up businesses continue to thrive year in year out. Below are the top tips that we think can help any business start of the New Year with a bang

  • Finance- Begin getting your finances in order. Review your yearly profit, your outgoings and incomings and determine the success you have achieved. Did you suffer any losses? What were your biggest achievements and can you capitalise on this? Look at any debts you may have amounted, any outstanding invoices, late payments and so on and ensure your are on top of payroll and your bookkeeping. The sooner you get started, the better chance you have of seeing in the New Year in good financial health.
  • Employee Care- Christmas is a hectic yet joyful time both in the workplace and at home which is why, coming back to work and getting used to normality after the holidays can be very daunting. Do as much as you can to keep your employees happy- small office benefits and perks, a comfortable and happy environment and constant involvement and inclusion can make your employees happy and more willing to work efficiently whatever the time of year may be.
  • Systems- Efficiency is key to success and in the workplace this is never better aided then by software and programmes that can help your employees work smoothly and your business run efficiently. It can be frustrating to have phone systems and software that is slow or constantly crashing and this cannot only ruin moods but waste several hours. Have a look for new systems that may improve your business and consider investing in them for the new year as they may be of great benefit.
  • Marketing- As a small business owner, attempt to make growth a priority in the New Year. Look at different ways to market your brand and open your business up to a new audience. There are trade events and networking meetings as well as print mediums however, online is considered valuable and cost effective particularly as people in need of answers now immediately head towards the internet. By making sure you are actively marketing your business, whether via a website, social media, leaflets or meetings; you stand a better chance of growing your brand in the New Year.
  • Business Plan- Whether it was six months ago or three years ago; you will have created a business plan but have you stuck to it? Your business plan is a great tool but many forget this as time goes on. Go back and revisit your plan before the end of the year and consider whether you have stayed on track and whether or not there are any changes you could have made.

The above are a few of the points the team here at Calculated Accountants put forward to small and start up business owners looking to see in another year in the best position possible.

Whatever your current position; a New Year holds endless possibilities and endless opportunities for success so plan carefully to give your business a fighting chance in 2014. 

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