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Tax Planning: Top 3 Savings Tips

26 November 2013

Tax is that dreaded three letter word that business owners can’t escape. Whether a sole trader, the proprietor of a limited company or the owner of a small business; tax payments are impossible to evade.  However were you aware that the myth of crippling tax payments can be avoided with the help of some...

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Business Rates: Understanding Your Financial Obligations

19 November 2013

At Calculated Accountants we know that setting up a new business is no easy task. There are a lot of issues to deal with and a lot of financial matters to take into consideration including commercial property taxes . If your business has commercial premises then you will need to ensure that you are aware of the...

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Does My Business Need A PAYE Health Check?

12 November 2013

Whether you are the owner of a small business or a brand new start up; as an employer you may become subject to a PAYE compliance visit. Businesses of all sizes and industries may receive a letter from HMRC informing them (often with at most only 7 days notice) that they will be receiving a PAYE compliance visit ...

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Financial Distress: Top Recovery And Avoidance Tips

08 November 2013

At Calculated Accountants we pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers, ranging from start up businesses to small businesses throughout the UK; have the best possible support at all times. By providing professional bookkeeping services , tax and vat return support and a trusted and reliable payroll service we...

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Preparing For A VAT Return: The Basics

05 November 2013

The words Vat Return can frighten even the most experienced business owners but even more so the start up business owner, new to the world of finance and the legal requirements their business faces. Many prepare their own VAT returns whilst others often prefer to seek the support of a specialist accountant in order...

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