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Preparing For Christmas: Giving Your Business a Final Push

Christmas is now only a week away and for businesses, particularly small businesses, it is an important time. Whether in a bid to purchase last minute gifts or vying for sale items, the holiday season is a time of year where consumers are more likely to spend then usual which is why, businesses must do everything in their power to fight the competition and target the growing number of shoppers successfully,

Whether you have a bricks and mortar store, a website or both; with only one week left till the majority of offices close up and everyone beings to get into the holiday spirit now is a good a time as any to double check that everything you are doing will work in your favour.

The team at Calculated Accountants have years of experience in dealing with small and start up business finance and have helped guide many in ensuring that they maximise their potential in the run up to the seasonal rush. Below we have included our top tips designed to ensure that, with just a week to go, your business has a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons...

  • Staff- Make sure you have carefully planned your staff schedule. It is easy to end up understaffed, which is why now is the time to finalise your schedule and discuss everything with your team to ensure that they are prepared and you both avoid any nasty surprises. Ensure that your employees are also aware of their duties, as efficiency will make or break the Christmas season.
  • Christmas Cheer- Competition during the Christmas season is immense so ensure that you are doing everything in your power to stand out of the crowd. Revamp your physical store and give your online presence a makeover too. Add some colour, make your festive gifts prominent and offer something special and perhaps even accommodate your hours and delivery to make way for last minute shoppers. Your customers will be more likely to flock to you if you spread a little cheer rather than struggle to acknowledge the holidays altogether.
  • Marketing- Hopefully in the run up to Christmas you have been doing everything you can to market your business. Promotions on products that you think will be popular during the Christmas season are essential and if you need a last minute push consider some PPC ads and a lot of bragging on your social pages to give yourself an extra push in the final run up.
  • Preparation- If you are hoping to witness a massive increase in sales this Christmas then ensure you are as prepared for it as possible. Stock up extensively on your products to avoid selling out. Consider which products were popular last year to give yourself an idea on ordering numbers and anticipate your customers behaviour to avoid losing out on potential sales. Delivery is also one of the most difficult things to master during the Christmas period. Speak to your courier service and ensure you are aware of any cut of dates and have your company delivery dates clearly visible on your site to avoid any customer confusion and hassle.

With just over a week to go, many businesses will now be hoping for a much needed surge in sales. However despite being one of the busiest time, the Christmas period is also one of the most competitive which is why, in order to give your business a fighting chance it is important to ensure that you prepare yourself and get your team and your operations in full working order.

Is your business ready for the Christmas surge?

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