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Top 5 Tips: Getting The Most Out Of Your Accountant

29 October 2013

At Calculated Accountants, our team strive to ensure our clients businesses receive constant care, value for money service and trusted advice whenever needed. As accountants we believe that our customers deserve more than just ‘someone who does the taxes’ and our invaluable services have, as a result...

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Payroll: Understanding the Basics

25 October 2013

For any start up business owner, your employees are crucial to getting your company off the ground and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible. A well oiled machine can be the make or break factor. As the business owner you will no doubt ensure that your employees are aware of their duties however it is...

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Top 7 Tips: Effective Employee Management

22 October 2013

Whether you are a small business or a new start up; there are many things that will play a part in your success but none more so then the part played by your employees. Your employees can be your biggest investment but if they are not looked after and managed correctly, they could just as easily end up costing your...

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Protecting Your Business: Ensuring You Have The Right Accountant

17 October 2013

In today’s increasingly competitive market, finding the right accountant is no easy task. There are numerous firms across the country that are all eager to help your business successfully deal with its finances but just how can you be sure you source the right accountant? Just as with all areas of...

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Creating A Business Plan: Top Tips

15 October 2013

For the budding entrepreneur, taking that first step into business requires a solid and well structured business plan. Regardless of the business size and industry, a plan (although not set in stone) is an indicator of what your business does, its advantages and its goals and will ultimately assist in securing...

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Knowing The Basics Of Accounting

10 October 2013

Accounting is definitely complex and for those who are new to it all, it can be a very overwhelming subject to get your head around. Whether a small or start up business owner, when it comes to finance it can be easy to look the other way and leave it all to your accountant but should you be that blind? At...

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Reducing Office Expenditure: Better Finance Management

08 October 2013

At Calculated Accountants we have witnessed many small and start up businesses suffer similar, common problems- one of the most prominent being unnecessary office expenditure . As accountants; bookkeeping , tax accounts and VAT returns are our everyday tasks however, our ultimate goal is to ensure that businesses ...

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The Basics of Year End Accounts

03 October 2013

For the small business owner and sole trader, Year End accounts can be a tremendously daunting task. Legally required by HMRC, every UK business owner is required to prepare Year End accounts but where do we begin? What can Year End accounts achieve and why are they required? Whatever a company’s twelve...

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